Lilly’s Strong…

The trials of a freelance musician are extremely taxing at the moment. This flame in my chest is currently small, but alive. Every Wednesday, Andrew Lawrence, Andrew Vogt, Matt Gold, Zack Marks, and myself reignite the fire creating a unique environment where the four of us express ourselves through improvised music. Each member brings in sets of chords and melodies and then we hold on tight and ride the roller coaster. No song is every the same twice.

We also did a performance at the Tonic Room where we improvised for 52 minutes. The music determined our ending and we finished the set with Billy Cobham’s “Red Baron.” Audio Therapy. My favorite kind.

This ensemble, which I’ve referred to as the “Bonzo Squad” will be recording an album in June to capture the music developing at Lilly’s.

Come catch us every Wednesday at 10:30 PM. Be a part of the magic.

Many New Shows and the Introduction of “Bonzo Squad” and “Earth Tones”

After a long weekend with a graduation, a birthday, a full moon, a JC Brooks show, and a wedding gig, I have decided to unveil my two new projects.

Bonzo Squad has performed recently at Hostel Earphoria, Goose Island, and the Tonic Room. Drawing from my Bumpus and JC Brooks experience, I’m going to front a high energy funk band that emphasizes harmony and tight pockets. Our next show will be Friday, July 18th at Chicago’s historic Double Door.

On May 30th, Earth Tones was introduced. This ensemble blends classical, jazz, bluegrass, and folk music all into one with two horns, full rhythm, percussion, and strings. The second performance will be Sunday, August 24th at the Bucktown Arts Festival

Olmstead’s Whistle Update

Currently mixing with Brian Schwab at his studio in Westridge. Look out for some new music in late June/early July.

Also, catch my Graduate Recital at DePaul School of Music on May 30th at 7:00 PM. I’ve invited a string quartet and a clarinetist to join up with my ensemble…beautiful music to sooth your eardrums.

M13 at the Green Mill

Well alright! Tonight is the night that Aaron McEvers outlet “M13″ takes the stage at the Green Mill in Chicago. Neil Tesser, the Chicago jazz journalist, did a nice write up about the concert tonight.

Three sets starting at 9 PM; $6.

2013 Chicago Music Awards

Well everyone, Wednesday nights at Lilly’s have finally paid off…I have been nominated for the 2013 Chicago Music Awards “Jazz Entertainer of the Year.” Big shout out to Brad Mac, Daniel Bruce, Katie Ernst, and Andrew Green for putting up with my shenanigans on stage, and to the rest of the people in Chicago that have made my life a lot more fun!

Please take two minutes and go vote on category #15 and scroll to the bottom to fill out a little bit of information. Thanks!


Hello all,

Welcome to my website. I hope you find all the information you’re looking for. Throughout the site you will find videos, recordings and other things that have been keeping me busy. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

- Corbin Andrick

Woodwind Specialist | Composer & Arranger

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